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remixwoconsent's Journal

Remix Without Consent
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Have you ever read a fan fic and thought, "This was great, but I'd rather see [enter fantasy actor or actress' name here] with [enter another fantasy actor or actress'name here]? Or thought, "I'd like to change this scene or this dialog"? And then actually written the changes you wanted, without the permission or consent of the original author? Or read an unfinished story that has been abandoned by its original author and then actually finished it yourself, again without the permission or consent of the original author? Then this is the community for you. Here you can post and share your own "remix" of the story. While the term "remix" does generally imply consent/permission from the original author, in this community that consent/permission is not necessary.

There are only two rules here:

1. ONLY AMATEUR FAN FICTION IS ALLOWED! IF IT'S LEGALLY COPYRIGHTED, IT IS NOT ALLOWED! This means you can't change the names in Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings or any other published/copyrighted books. Also be warned that several fan fic authors have actually published some of their work, changing the characters to "original characters" instead of real-life actors. Re-mixing of these stories is also not allowed here.

2. Please credit the original author in your headers. Let us all know who the original author is, and if possible, please provide a link to the original story so we can all go enjoy the original, too. If we are going to be considered the scum of the earth, let's at least be considerate and polite scum.

Remember if you post here, you will most likely be banned from all other fan fic communities, ridiculed by other authors, and shunned by just about everyone in most fandoms, except those of us here who will enjoy both your work and the work of the original authors and not look down on you for your efforts.

Please include the following in your story headers:

Title: [The title you have given your version of the story]
Original Title: [The title that the original author gave their story]
Author/Remixer: [Your penname]
Original Author: [The name of the original author]
Link To Original Story: [A link to where the original is posted]
Rating: [G, PG, PG-13, R, or NC-17 Use your best judgement]
Pairing: [Who is doing whom]
Beta: [If applicable]
Author's Notes: [If applicable]

If you have any questions, please feel free to email the moderator at SangriaTangerine@aol.com. And, yes, I do expect flames, however they will not be tolerated in the community. Flame me privately, if you want to, but if you join this community, you know what you are getting into and what will be posted here so if you disapprove, simply leave the community or do not bother to join in the first place.